Building Sales

Represent sellers and buyers of commercial real estate. We have extensive market knowledge of existing and pending sales as well as existing inventory and shadow inventory/opportunities (“off-market”).

Leasing - Tenant Representation

Provide tenants with market information and help them understand their occupancy needs in order to make informed decisions. These services include lease renewal negotiations to effectively leverage market opportunities. Some tenants believe they don’t need a broker to renegotiate/renew their lease……that would be unwise in most cases. We operate our own portfolio of commercial real estate, so we understand landlords’ decision-making motivations and can use that to your advantage when renewing your lease. We help navigate the path to ensuring you achieve the best terms possible while maintaining great landlord relationships in the process.

Leasing - Landlord Representation

Provide landlords with representation and marketing strategies to renew existing leases or fill vacant space to maintain occupancy levels. We ensure a professional approach to marketing (signs, brochures, mailing and door to door campaigns, internet marketing and an internal database of active tenants) to effectively advertise listings. Knowledge of operating our own portfolio as well as monitoring competitive listings will give our clients a competitive advantage when securing tenants for your building. Let us do the heavy lifting to make sure you are getting the most out of your asset.

Property Management

Through our subsidiary, we manage over a million square feet of retail, office, R&D and industrial space. Our management services allow us to offer a “single point of contact” approach to all leasing, sales, financing/refinancing and building management needs.

Valuation Services

We offer opinions of value for a variety of clientele, including private owners/investors, banks, appraisers, buyers and sellers. If you are considering selling or leasing your building, we can provide a detailed analysis of market opportunities available to you, including recent sales and potential buyers.

Property Tax Relief

We offer Property Tax Appeal and Reduction services. This service allows us to reduce the assessed value on your building and in most cases receive a property tax refund from previous years.* We recently reduced the assessed value on a property by $1,500,000.00 and were able to receive a refund of $25,000.00 from a previous years property tax payment.

*This service is not always successful and variables apply to the success of this service. A fee is not charged by our company unless a refund is issued or the assessed value is reduced.